Drain Unblocking

Quick drain unblocking

Are your drains blocked? Is there a bad smell coming from your pipes?
Blocked drains can be a nightmare, MK1 Drain Services can unblock drains in a fast and efficient manner. We serve Rochdale, Oldham and other North Manchester areas.
clearing blocked drains

We clear blocked drains
in no time

A blockage can occur at any time in any season, usually at the least convenient! Sometimes small blockages can be found out and can be removed by rods or plunging. A more difficult blockage could need high pressure water jetting or CCTV drainage and the use of an electrically driven spiral cable with specially designed heads.

Rest assured that we are skilled professionals. We will have the correct equipment on board and have often cleared blockages where other companies have failed. We put a lot of smiles on our customers face’s from unblocking drains in Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale and the surrounding areas.
overflowing drain

The most common problems include:

  • Blocked or overflowing drains
  • Root ingress from trees or shrubs
  • Chokes and internal blockages
  • Damaged or collapsed drains
  • Sunken or dropped drain systems
  • Fractured pipes
We also provide commercial drain services in Rochdale, Oldham and the North Manchester area.
Call MK1 Drain Services of Rochdale on 
07815 597 920
01706 249 420 or 0161 300 5867 
for efficient drain unblocking in your home
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