Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning specialists based in Rochdale

High pressure water jetting is effective at clearing those stubborn blockages and is environmentally friendly. Leave the job to our specialists at MK1 Drain Services. We serve Rochdale, Oldham and North Manchester area.
advanced equipment for drain cleaning

Cleaning your drains made easy

Over time drains get clogged up debris. This causes drains to need cleaning, the best way to do this is using high pressure jetting. This is the most effective cleaning method for use in drains, sewers and cesspits among other uses. This technique can be used to diagnose anything that may be causing a blockage, as well as this pressure jetting is also effective at clearing piping from much more serious solid set substances such as cement, grease, fat, roots and silt.

Here at MK1 Drain Solutions we carry a range of various jet heads with pressures up to 5,000 PSI. This pressure provides an effective solution to strip away any solid deposits from the pipe walls and flush out unwanted substances in the drains to restore the drain to its natural free flowing condition.

When you have blocked drains, do not hesitate to get in touch with MK1 Drain Services.
Solid deposit pipe clearing

Our services include:

  • Driveway and runway cleaning
  • Pipe clearing
  • Solid deposit pipe clearing
  • Stonework cleaning
  • Garage and industrial floor cleaning
  • Surface sealing
Call MK1 Drain Services on 07815 597 920 
01706 249 420 or 0161 300 5867 for drain cleaning in Rochdale, Oldham and North Manchester
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