Drain Lining

Expert drain lining in Rochdale, Oldham and North Manchester

Drains and sewers may crack due to ground movement, corrosion or tree root infiltration. 
MK1 Drain Services can fix the damaged drains by lining and relining. 
Drain lining repairs

Drain lining repairs

Drains will completely collapse over time and the result is a structurally malfunctioning drainage system causing repeated blockages and leakage into the surrounding soil. MK1 Drains has the capability to offer a complete repair and renovation service for drainage systems both above and below-ground. Normally here at MK1 Drain Services we can replace or repair any external exposed pipe work instantly on site, as spares are carried in our vehicle.

We offer a great money saving solution to all our clients across Manchester in repairing drains. Now they can be undertaken with the minimum of cost and disruption due to the latest modernisation in drain lining. Lining is where a pre-formed polyester tube is inserted into the drain or sewer system and resins are introduced that cure, leaving the liner in contact with the inner wall of the drain and sewer.
damaged drainage pipe

Cost effective solutions

 For smaller sections of damaged drain we patch a liner inside to be used to repair a localised area where full end-to-end lining would not be more cost effective to you. This method involves guiding the patch into place with the use of a CCTV camera and then inflating it to push the patch onto the inner wall of the sewer pipe.

The pressure is then maintained until the patch has been repaired, then the bladder deflated and removed. We use this technique which ensures the quickest results, depending on each given customers' specification.

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